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Golf Communication Platform

How it works

Golfison provides a modern platform for managing, notifying and inter-club communication for golf events & other activities in a easy to use interface.

Manage News and Events

All Communication from central location
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Live Event Management

Instant communication to all members, players, regional organisations using modern and traditional channels

Event Entry System

Cost effective Event Entry System


Here's just some of the features to help Golf clubs around the world manage Golf Events

Save Time and Money

Manage communication from one central hub

Social Media Integration

Post notications directly to Facebook and Twitter with one click

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

here ever there is an internet connection, there is access

Easy to Use interface

Clean and Simple to understand

Live Changes & Updates

Click save and it's live to everyone via multiple communication streams

Keep Members Up-To-Date

Website Design

New Features add all the time

Product Improvements


Low Cost website option

Website Design


Better Communication between clubs, and club to regional organisation

Website Design

Easily add to your existing website

Website Design


Golfison offers a range of feature and pricing options that is suited to small or large golf clubs

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